Baharé is a feminine and responsible wardrobe.

Committed to fairer and more equitable fashion, it offers a chic, timeless style, nourished by cultures and diversity.

Entirely designed and made in France, Baharé clothing pays tribute in pure tradition to French craftsmanship and know-how.

It is with care and attention that each piece is developed, from the selection of the fabric to the research and design in accordance with our aesthetic and environmental values.

Simplicity and authenticity come together to share a vision of a modern style borrowing from multiple legacies.

Baharé is a Persian language given name. It designates "the one who brings spring"


Clean and committed production

It is in the north of France, in Roubaix, historic bastion of French textile production, that we produce

all of our clothes.

We use local know-how and technique to support the industry,

employment and the textile industry in France.


Our goal is to maintain and stimulate with you the actors of the artisanal fashion ecosystem in France

and to offer you high quality products, with the best finishes.


Clothes that will stand the test of time and your emotions.


A Global Vision of our approach

Our clothes are all designed and developed taking into account their end of life. This is why we only select fabrics and natural materials whose compositions allow complete recycling.

We source our supplies from French and European players in order to reduce our carbon footprint

and to maintain the local economy.

Our packaging and shipping are made from recycled materials.